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accounting professionals jobs vacancies

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We Require Accounting professionals Consider a career in India make hay while the sun shines MNCs SMEs create a number of jobs for accounting professionals.

The India Growth Story and the Government initiatiative for “Make in India” has encouraged major foreign enterprises having substantial presence in India. With the Ease of doing business in India, there will be thousands of new entrants into India. All this means is there is huge demand for accounting professionals.

Data Bank of Accounting professionals

In recent months we have witnessed a strong demand for Accountants and accounting professionals. about jobsvista recruiting accountantsQualified and experienced accounting, auditing and finance professionals are in demand. Talented accountants are likely to get premium offers. We have therefore created a Data Bank of Accounting professionals who will get notified regularly about the new opportunities at different locations. All you have to do is to SIGN UP FREE at

Employment Trends in India for Accounting professionals

With thousands of new entrants, India is a facilitator for expansion into the global economy. India has acquired an image of a new global player. There are companies with business presence spanning diverse clusters; accounting professional india businessfrom IT, Healthcare, Automobiles, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Construction to Education, Logistics, and Manufacturing etc, and are known to create a massive number of jobs for accounting professionals. Amidst such a scenario, you as a potential job seeker accounting professionals if considering a career in India can make hay while the sun shines!

Career trends by 2020 for Accounting professionals

India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world today. It is likely that India will play a accounting professionals helpdesksignificant role on the global stage by 2020. The quantum of jobs or careers that will throw up in India will be tremendous. Accounting professionals will be in great demand. Statutory compliance will be the rule of law. Bankers are already insisting on Statutory compliance. We advise Students should choose a career looking at the future. Become Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountants Company Secretary or MBA

Skills Requirements for Accounting professionals

Accountants are now required to have skills in Accounting Software. Tally ERP 9 is the most sought after skill today. To be able to adhere to Statutory compliance. Accountants should have good knowledge in Accounting standards. Should be conversant with TDS , VAT & Central Excise. Educational Qualifications ACA, ACS, CPA, CFA, ACCA, IFRS, DISA, CISA etc

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